Creepy clown terrorises people on street leaving Brits stuck at home for Halloween

A man dressed as Stephen King’s Pennywise, depicted in the movie It, has been caught on video in Margate, Kent, among other towns, terrorising locals, and has become a bit of a local celebrity

A terrifying clown is on the loose around Kent seaside towns, terrifying locals in boozers, motorists, and anyone brave enough to be on the streets.

The man, dressed as Stephen King’s Pennywise from the novel It, has been caught on video in Margate, Kent, terrorising locals, and become a bit of a local celebrity.

The prankster has also been spotted in Broadstairs and Ramsgate and even has own Facebook page where he encourages locals to come and find him.

One post reads: “So I am unable to post anything or put up any updates at the moment… I will be lurking in and around Ramsgate this evening, come and say hi.

“If you’re not too scared remember they all float down here, remember keep your eyes peeled.”

In videos posted on the page, named Halloween Thanet, he is seen banging on pub and local business’ windows and terrorising motorists, even waving creepily at the police.

He even offered a “free 30-minute scare visit” to anyone who can track him down.

Facebook user Rhiannon Hartley said online: “How long is this guy going to be around so I can stay home until then?” to which Lucy Oxley Poole replied: “And me.”

Christine Tedham said: “My son Joshua Tollington found him too outside Spoons Margate.”

Clara Rose Johnson said: “I’m refusing to go out at night until Halloween is over cause of this. I hate Halloween, last year I got chased by a group of people with baseball bats.”

And Chelsea Ryan said: “Never been so freaked out in my life.”

It follows news that a woman in Mexico was shot dead after she took to the streets dressed as a mythical ghost to scare her neighbours.

According to reports, the unnamed woman decided to play a prank on her neighbours by walking the streets after nightfall disguised as ‘La Llorona,’ otherwise known as The Weeping Woman.

Local media, including La Verdad Noticias, reported that the scared attacker fled after allegedly firing the fatal shots.