Chief dipping officer’ job could see you earn £1,000 to eat chicken nuggets

Birds Eye is currently hiring a ‘chief dipping officer’ who will become a temporary brand ambassador for Chicken Dippers, sharing their knowledge with other fans of the oven delight

A job for a ‘chief dipping officer’ has been advertised and it could see you earn £1,000 to eat chicken nuggets all day.

The role is available with Birds Eye, who said in an advert that the ideal candidate will have ‘superior dipper taste buds’ that they will use to identify ‘the perfect crunch’.

They said that the successful applicant will head the new ‘dedicated dipping department’ and insisted that a passion for chicken nuggets was essential.

The pay might be low at just £1,000, but the position also comes with a free year’s supply of Birds Eye Chicken Dippers – which might tempt some to apply.

The advert reads: “Birds Eye is on the hunt for a Chief Dipping Officer (CDO).

“Do you know the difference between dippers and nuggets? Are you the sauce connoisseur of the family? Do you have an insatiable passion for Chicken Dippers?

“The position of Chief Dipping Officer requires an individual with an outstanding passion for Chicken Dippers and skills to identify the perfect dip that will suit the whole family.”

The advert goes on to state that the chief dipping officer will be ‘appointed an honorary brand ambassador for Birds Eye Chicken Dippers’ and will advise other fans on the best dipper techniques and trends.

It continues: “You will be expected to treasure texture and be fanatical about flavour, assisting The Chicken Witch of the West in bringing magic to mealtimes. The right candidate will be committed to doing an im-peck-able job.”