Mum shares birthday cake baking fail as ‘friendly hedgehog’ ends up a Halloween horror

An amateur baker has shared the disastrous results of her attempt to make a friendly-looking hedgehog cake for her son’s birthday which ended up looking like something from a horror film

While watching the Great British Bake Off, some might sit at home and think the tasty creations look quite easy to replicate at home, but as one mum recently found out, it’s not as simple as it seems.

Lisa Powell recently attempted to make a friendly-looking hedgehog cake for her son’s birthday, but she was mortified when people thought it was a Halloween bake.

The 29-year-old spent five hours preparing the cute cake for Harvey’s 12th birthday party last month, however a number of people couldn’t help but compare it to the character of Pinhead from Hellraiser when it was done.

Despite the amount of time, the mum-of-four says she was just ‘winging it’ in the kitchen as she’s ‘not a baker’.

Thankfully her son loved the end result, even if it was a bit grisly.

Lisa, from Chinnor, Oxfordshire, has since shared snaps of the cake online, garnering more than 5,000 likes and comments.

Many users compared the bake to Pinhead from 80s cult horror Hellraiser, Batman’s Two-Face and Castaway’s Wilson, while others claim it ‘needs to go to rehab’.

The parent, who’s currently expecting her fifth child, said that despite its peculiar appearance her chocolate bake still tasted delicious and friends have even requested she makes one for Halloween.

She explained: “It doesn’t look like a hedgehog. It looks quite creepy. A couple of my friends have asked me to actually make one for Halloween this weekend.

“I hoped it would be more of a friendly-looking hedgehog initially and in the end I was just having a bit of a laugh and sending pictures to my friend as it was progressing, obviously they couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

“It looks like the character from Hellraiser and a lot of people have been saying it looks like Two-Face from Batman, which made me laugh.”

The mum continued: “A lot of people have said that it needs to go to rehab and that it looks like Wilson from Castaway.

“It definitely turned out worse than expected and it’s a bit of a cake fail but it tasted nice.”

The full-time mum said she’s a good cook but when she’s tried to bake with her kids in the past nothing has ever gone to plan.

Despite ‘not being very artistic’ Lisa won’t be resorting to shop-bought cakes just yet as Harvey has already requested she rustle up a baby Yoda cake next year.

Lisa added: “My son was turning 12. I’m not a baker at all and he knows that and he said ‘can you make me a funny cake for my birthday?’

“So I said ‘ok’ and I just made him that.

“I started it and was like ‘how do I do this?’ and I thought I’d wing it and see what happens.

“My son loved it and laughed so much. He was really pleased with it because he wanted something funny and he has got a good sense of humour like myself. It was brilliant.”