Feng shui expert warns you should never sleep with a mirror opposite your bed

Feng shui expert Vicky Sweetlove has warned that sleeping with a mirror opposite your bed could be causing a number of problems, from ghoulish nightmares to insomnia

It’s Halloween weekend, which means there’s a good chance you’ve been watching all the creepy horror films which make you feel like you’ll never be able sleep in peace ever again.

But, not only that, the clocks go back this weekend too, which is also a sure fire way to knock you out of your perfect sleeping routine.

If you’re someone who suffers with poor sleep, it turns out that the way you arrange your bedroom furniture could have a lot to do with it – especially if you have a mirror facing your bed.

That’s because having a mirror opposite your bed can promote having nightmares, according to feng shui experts – which makes a lot of sense to be honest, given the number of bedroom mirrors which appear in creepy exorcism films.

Apparently, when we sleep at night, our soul leaves our body, meaning if our soul sees its own reflection, it’ sure to get a fright. This is said to be what causes us to have bad dreams and nightmares.

Feng shui expert Vicky Sweetlove explained that the soul can even mistake its reflection as the ‘real body’ which is referred to as ‘soul-stealing.’

But, as well causing nightmares, the mirror in front of your bed could also be causing insomnia too, by depleting your person energy. That’s because mirrors are said to double and bounce back the energy in the room, which can in turn disrupt the tranquillity required to get those precious Zs.

Vicky told Mattress Next Day: “When a mirror is placed in front of the bed, it is mirroring everyone in the bed and then it is symbolic of a third party being in the relationship.”